6-19-22 “Is It Worth It?” Romans 8 Good morning, everyone, those that are here in person and those that are joining us online. We are glad we have this opportunity to gather in His name, to hear from his word and respond in worship. Our mission is to bring glory to God by loving Him with all our being, by loving others as Jesus loves us, and by making disciples of all nations. Our vision is to have a clear pathway for people to become all God wants them to be. We accomplish this through our worship services, life groups, discipleship groups and going to the nations. Title of todays message: It is worth it! Romans 8:17-25 Look with me again at verses 13 and 14, You and our sons and daughters of God, led by the spirit to put to death the deeds of the flesh. If you and I are going to engage in this battle we are going to have to believe the truths found in verses 15-17. Security in our relationship with God, cannot and will not be cast away Authority, unlike a slave who has no rights, you and I are sons of God which gives us authority over the sin in our flesh and the enemies lies. Look at how Tim Keller writes about this: Slave Son Obeys because they have no choice Obeys because of love Works under threat of pain and hurt Discipline is not retribution but loving instruction If I slip, I will be beat Security, My father will forgive me Concentration on External behaviors Concentration on relationship and attitudes Works but is not honored Is honored, then invited to work Intimacy, we are not just safe but we have a personal fulfilling relationship with Christ Assurance, the spirit affirms we belong to the father Inheritance, it will be as if we get more than everyone else in heaven. Do we believe God when he says this is your position with Him? If we are going to war against the deeds of the flesh we have to understand the position we are fighting from. But then you may ask what are some practical tips for putting to death the deeds of the flesh? J.D. Greear shares these: 1. Humble confession, this is not the blame game, this is agreeing with God about it 2. Total Surrender, this is not a negotiation 3. Reassurance of the Gospel, No condemnation, No power over us, we are his children, we are loved unconditionally by Him, we always and every time welcome in His presence. 4. Memorize specific scripture for your struggles, For me this is life changing, I know it, but I do not do it enough. 5. Don’t just avoid sin but pursue wisdom Do you see that you and I are in a constant state of tension with our flesh? We are in a war. Fighting a war is exhausting and sometimes we just want to give up. Look now at the end of verse 17. It says if we suffer with Christ. Last week we talked about the Father disciplining us being suffering, we talked about being rejected by our faith as being suffering, both of those are true, but in the context of this passage it seems the suffering that is being talked about is this war going on in our flesh. This battle to put to death the deeds of the flesh is suffering. The question that is the title of this message, Is it worth it? V18 the fights we fight and win, the fights we fight and loose, the discipline we receive, the rejection we feel, Paul said do not even compare them to the glory that will be revealed in us. Do not even compare it. Our sufferings must be equal to what we own, what we know and what we can do compared to what God owns, knows and can do. There is no comparison. V19 Creation knows it is going to be worth it, Creation is eagerly waiting this glorious day. V20-22 When we fail in the garden we took creation with us, why, God had made us the keepers of creation, so every decision we made effected it, But because Christ was perfectly obedient and died for those sins, mankind is being redeemed along with creation. Creation is not just waiting but is groaning, yearning for that day, as a mother is having birth pains looking forward to holding her new born for the first time. V23 It is not just creation, groaning for this day, it is us longing for this day. Looking forward to the redemption of this body. To be changed completely and forever, to never feel the tension of my flesh wanting to do one thing but me wanting to honor Jesus again. Remember at the end of chapter 7:24-25 wretched man that I am, who will deliver me from this body of death, Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. All our best days lie ahead of us, and one day, all our painful days will lie behind us. Tim Keller V24-25 until that day, we wait patiently, and keep fighting, or you could say wait patiently and keep suffering, this is why Paul told Timothy at the end of his life I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith. You may be asking the title is it worth it. It is worth it! 1. We cannot imagine how great the glory of God is going to be, how satisfying, the overflow of joy we will experience, the unending pleasure we will have. But in the moments we get a glimpse of this, whatever we are going through, whatever the trouble stress or anxiety, it does not matter, it is fleeting as a vapor like our life. 2. This glory will fall on us, this inheritance will be placed on us and it will be like we got more than anybody else. 3. This glory is also going to bring creation with us, you see when man sinned in the garden, creation fell with man, it is decaying, it is dying, it groans for the day that man receives the glory of God so it to can be redeemed from the corruption it experiences. 4. This glory, this inheritance is going to be experienced publicly, all will see we will be blessed in the presence of our enemies, Satan will be overcome with jealousy and envy. 5. We will at this time be completely like our new family, we will not have any attitude, desire of our old family, our old nature. We will be completely like Christ. One Question: Are you still fighting or did you throw in the towel? The most important part of our Sunday Morning service is our response to God, I do not know what God is dealing with you about, nor do I know what your needs are, but we have a father and we have privileges with him and in this time of worship respond to God, if you need to come and pray, if you want someone to pray for you, this is the most important time of the service. Respond to Him.